Lady Gaga’s success has skyrocketed these past few years. She went from total anonymity to being the 73rd artist of the last 2000-2010 decade according to Billboard.

So what had 30 rock stars tearful recently? The hit NBC show ended a seven year run on television, and in a heartfelt video, members of the cast including Jane Krakowski and Tracey Morgan expressed their thanks towards Tina Fey for the series.

We then get back to the things women say they want. Does having a good sense of humor mean he will be a strong protector and bread winner for the family? Not really. And it’s the sense of security and ability to provide food for the family that the subconscious is most concerned with.

If the developers and programmers at Cloud 9 really wanted to, I’m sure they couldn’t have come up with something so excellent that it would have eclipsed that which is in the world-Rock Band.

Jazz was born in Missouri, and Kansas City has the best festivals to prove it. Jazz in the Woods and the Rhythm & Ribs Jazz Festival are two of the largest of their kind in the area. Jazz in the Woods is a free charitable event while the Rhythm and Ribs Jazz Festival brings some of the biggest jazz, gospel, R&B and blues acts to the city. The Rhythm & Ribs Festival also features a barbecue cook-off.

Hey, air conditioning costs a lot of money to run. Thankfully, Chicago’s public transportation system doesn’t charge extra (yet) for that chilly blast on a scorching summer day.

It’s the first real movement in the celebrity justice circus surrounding the alleged domestic abuse case involving Chris Brown and Rihanna since Brown turned himself in for a Grammy night arrest.

A report from Yahoo! TV on Jan. 2 notes that a video called “Thank You Tina Fey” was posted on the show’s website recently. In that video, members of the cast of “30 Rock” praised Tina Fey for “her skills as a boss and writer.” They also thanked her as a great friend and colleague they got to know during the time spent on the show. Morgan and Krakowski both teared up while expressing their thanks.

Full Moon Hikes. The Metro Parks offer late evening hikes to watch the rising of the full moon every month. Six parks are offering full-moon programs on Friday evening. At 7pm Highbanks will be holding Howl at the Moon, a 3.5 mile hike where you can bring your dog along, and Prairie Oaks will be hosting a Sunset Ride of 4 miles duration for horse lovers in the area. If you prefer to walk in the company of humans only, both Battelle Darby Creek and Blendon Woods will have hikes kicking off at 7:30, while the hike at Blacklick Woods will start at 8:00. At 8:15, an adults-only hike will begin at Sharon Woods.